We value and embrace differences; affirm, inspire and nurture faith in God
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Welcome to St. Andrew & Holy Communion

We are a colorful tapestry of faith, weaving together both believers and seekers.  We say we are a church which is loose around the edges and solid at the core.  We mean that we hold to the fullness of the Christian faith as we have received it, but we try to practice the openness that Jesus displayed in his own life.  He rejected judgmental religion and believed everyone had a right to a relationship with God and a welcome in the community. So do we.

Children are at the center of our life together and we live out the saying that "it takes a whole village to raise a child."  Children know this place to be home a safe sanctuary in which they are loved and in which their spirits are nurtured and tutored so that they might be resourceful and contributing members of the wider community.  They are respected for the gifts they bring to us and encouraged to discover those gifts and to use them as they lead worship on the first Sunday of every month.